ACT follows a multidisciplinary, team-based approach.  The team meets as a group five days a week to review progress.

Services are provided where they are needed. ACT teams work with people in their homes and other locations in the community.
ACT delivers personalized, consistent, flexible, and comprehensive care.
ACT uses outreach and other engagement mechanisms to develop relationships with people may have historically been hard to reach.
ACT is less intensive than residential care and more intensive than traditional outpatient care. People receiving care in the program are seen on average 3 times a week; in some situations, people are seen daily.


CEBH offers a wide variety of trainings as well as connection to existing training resources available to behavioral health service providers, stakeholders, and community members.


For Providers


For Behavioral Health Stakeholders


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Fidelity and Evaluation

The Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health provides fidelity reviews of our practices of focus. A fidelity review is a quality-improvement tool to provide agencies an external evaluation of their practice for the purpose of service enhancement. If you are an ACT team in need of a fidelity review, please see more about our approach to fidelity reviews or contact us to arrange a review with our senior consultants.


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