Flexible, Voluntary Supports

Permanent Supportive Housing staff offers flexible, voluntary services designed to help people choose housing that meets their needs, obtain and pay for that housing, and keep the housing for as long as they choose.

Quality Housing

Housing meets standards for safety and quality established by local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Housing is similar to what is available to others at similar income levels in the community.

Rental Assistance; Standard Lease

Tenants typically pay 30 percent of their income toward rent plus basic utilities. The remainder is paid either by tenant-based rental assistance, which tenants can use in housing of their choice, or project-based rental assistance, which is linked to a specific location

Functional Separation of Housing and Supports

Tenants sign a standard lease, just like any other member of the community, giving tenants the same legal rights. Continued tenancy is not subject to any special rules or participation in any particular services


Tenants’ homes are located throughout the community or in buildings in which a majority of units are not reserved for people with disabilities. Tenants have opportunities for interactions with the community


CEBH offers a wide variety of trainings as well as connection to existing training resources available to behavioral health service providers, stakeholders, and community members.


For Providers


For Behavioral Health Stakeholders


For Community Members

Fidelity and Evaluation

The Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health provides fidelity reviews of our practices of focus. A fidelity review is a quality-improvement tool to provide agencies an external evaluation of their practice for the purpose of service enhancement. If you are an PSH team in need of a fidelity review, please see more about our approach to fidelity reviews or contact us to arrange a review with our senior consultants.


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