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Fidelity and Evaluation

The Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health provides fidelity reviews of our practices of focus. Our senior consultants are dedicated to providing formal, external reviews through a collaborative hands-on approach.

A fidelity review is a quality-improvement tool

The Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health promotes that evidence-based practices are effective when implemented to fidelity, highlighting the importance for periodic fidelity reviews for the evaluation of program implementation. A fidelity review is not an audit nor is the purpose to scrutinize a program, but to simply evaluate the level of implementation of an evidence-based practice to fidelity. 

Our senior consultants work with providers to develop fidelity action-plans that prioritize next steps for implementation and technical assistance. 

The Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health currently provides fidelity reviews to ACT, IPS and PSH programs in Iowa. Contact to schedule. 


University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Center for Disabilities and Development

100 Hawkins Drive

Iowa City, IA 52242




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